SK002-8 拷贝.jpg

3 Funcion Electric bed -ABS

  • Dimension: 2160x910  mm

  • ABS head & foot boards can be removable.

  • ABS side rail, 4-piece, tuck away type with safe lock.

  • Central locking foot pedal control with casters dia.150mm.

  • Height adjustment (without mattress): 435-765mm 
    Backrest lifting angle: 0-75°±10%
       keenest lifting angle: 0-35°±10%

  • With drainage bag holders

  • With telescopic SS IV pole and previsions.


Detachable ABS headboard------------------------2pcs

Collapsible ABS side rails----------------------------4pcs
5" Secure® central controlled castors----------1 pair

4-piece C-type ABS side rail------------------------1 pair
Urine hooks---------------------------------------------4pcs
I.V. drip holes-------------------------------------------4pcs
I.V. pole---------------------------------------------------1pc